Brilliant Scholarships for March intake 2020!
By sally on 2019年11月6日    
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2019 will be soon coming to an end, There are some breaking news for all of you!

Scholarships for Chinese language and Majors for March intake 2020! 


Location:Yinchuan, Ningxia

Partial scholarship

6000 deduction at most

Chinese Language: 10000/Y (After scholarship is 4000)

Bachelor: 12000/Y ( After scholarship is 6000)

Accommodation fee:

3500/single room

2000/double room


Bachelor: Four years/Taught in Chinese

Financial Engineering/management, Energy economics, logistic engineering, human resource engineering, electrical engineering and automation, intelligent electrical network information engineering, energy and power engineering, chemical engineering and energy and chemical engineering, facilities agriculture science and engineering, food quality and safety, biological engineering, digital media engineering, information management and information system, data science and big data technology, internet of things energy, communication engineering, civil engineering, landscape architecture, engineering cost, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, service engineering, business English, translation, social work, preschool education, visual communication design.


Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang

Partial scholarship

Tuition fee:

1. Language Program Students: 12000RMB/Year(We provide 50% scholarship support)

2. Diploma Program Students: 12000RMB/Year(We provide 50% scholarship support)

Majors taught in English:

1. International business

Sino-Australia Cooperative Programs of International Business


Sino-Australia Cooperative Programs of Accounting


Location: Jingzhou, Hubei


MBBS for 6 years

Tuition fee

First year Chinese language learning: 12000/Y

Majors for MBBS: 20000/Y



Location:Yulin, Shaanxi Province 

Chinese Language Program:

Tuition fee: 5,000 RMB/Year(after scholarship)

Accommodation fee: 3,600/Y double room

Degree students: Chinese taught

Bachelor: tourism management, accounting, soil and water conservation combating. Animal science, computer science,

Scholarship: Basic Scholarship for every students : 50% of the Tuition;

First-Class Scholarship for the academic top 5% students: RMB 3,000/year;

Second-Class Scholarship for the academic top 10% students: RMB 2,000/year;

Third-Class Scholarship for the academic top 15% students: RMB 1,000/year;

Scholarships for HSK: HSK-Level 4: RMB600,HSK-Level 5:RMB800, HSK-Level 6: RMB1000.

Master: soil and water conservation and desertification combating. Animal science, chemicals engineers

Scholarship: tuition free; 1000/month with stipend



Location:Zhangzhou, Fujian Province

Chinese language:

Tuition fee: 15000RMB/Year

Degree students: Chinese taught

Bachelor:Chinese Language and Literature (Teacher Education, Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese International Education, Broadcasting and Television, Editorial and Publishing Science、Advertising, Radio and TV Directing, English (Teacher Education), Business English,   Translation, Japanese, Ideological and Political Education (Teacher Education), Politics and Administration, Law, Social Work, Economics, International Economy and Trade, Economics and Finance, Economic Statistics, Tourism Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Financial Administration, History(Teacher Education), Geography(Teacher Education), Educational Technology(Teacher Education), Primary Education(Teacher Education), Preschool Education(Teacher Education), Psychology(Teacher Education), Musicology(Teacher Education), Musicology, Fine Arts(Teacher Education), Public Art, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics(Teacher Education), Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Engineering,  Computational Science, Statistics, Computer Science and Technology, Network Software Engineering, Physics(Teacher Education), Information Science  and Engineering, Electronic Information Science and Technology, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Electronic Information Engineering, Chemistry (Teacher Education), Science Education(Teacher Education), Applied Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Biological Science(Teacher Education), Horticulture, Landscape Gardening, Food Science and Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Physical Education (Teacher Education), Guidance and Management of Social Sport



School 6

Location: Mianyang, Sichuan Province


Master degree:

A. English-taught:

Chemistry; Computer Science and Technology; Control Science and Engineering; Information and Communication Engineering; Material Science and Engineering; Physics

B. Chinese-taught

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages; Urban and Rural Planning; Civil Engineering

Doctoral degree: English-taught

Control Science and Engineering; Material Science and Engineering


FULL SCHOLARSHIP: Tuition fully waived; accommodation fully covered; allowance paid monthly (doctoral students: RMB1200 per person; master students: 1000 per person)


School 7

Location: Yizhou, Guangxi Province


Bachelor degree: English-taught(0.5+ 4 years: firstly, students need learn Chinese for one semester.)

International Business English; Electronic and Information Engineering

Chinese Language Program: 1 year

Tuition fee: 3,000 RMB/Year for bachelor degree; 5,000RMB/Year for Chinese language program

Accommodation fee: 2,000 RMB/Year

Registration fee: 500 RMB


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