Enrollement Guide for JSNU(Fall 2024 Intake)
By Stella on 2024年3月19日    
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Why choose JSNU?

Established in 1952, Jiangsu Normal University (JSNU) is located in the historically and culturally rich city of Xuzhou. JSNU, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, is a regionally leading demonstration university. As one of the first "universities qualified to recruit international students" in China, JSNU has, up to now, established friendly cooperative relations with 122 universities in Britain, the United States, Australia, Russia, and other countries and has recruited international students from 76 countries and regions. As a "university entrusted by the Chinese Government Scholarship to train students" (known as a member of the China Scholarship Council, CSC) and a "target school for studying abroad in Jiangsu," JSNU led the establishment of the China-Russia Cooperative University Alliance and was elected as the first chairman of the organization. 

It is a member of the 20+20 Alliance of Jiangsu-UK high-level universities. JSNU was awarded as one of China’s most advanced Confucius institutes. In Malaysia, JSNU founded the first overseas Mencius Institute. It has jointly established research platforms with Harvard University, the University of Edinburgh, and University College London. It jointly established the China-Latin America Cultural Exchange Base with the Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Education, the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Foreign Affairs Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government. JSNU maintains regular communications with universities in the United States, Australia, Japan, Russia, Belarus, and other countries for student exchange programs as well as students' credit transfers. It also hosts teacher and staff training events with Harvard University, the University of Hong Kong, and other major international universities.

Major Overview

Bachelors Degree Program

English-based Program 

  • International Economics and Trade

  • Logistic Management

  • Mechanical Design-manufacture and Automation

  • Electrical Engineering and Automation

  • Software Engineering

  • Law

Chinese-based Program

  • International Chinese Education

  • International Economics and Trade

  • Tourism management

  • Musicology (Teacher Education)

Russian-English based Program

  • International Economics and Trade

Master Degree Program

English-based Program

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • International Trade

  • Business Administration

  • Biology (master's degree)

  • Biology (Ph.D.)

  • Law(Comparative jurisprudence)

Chinese-based Program

  • Chinese Philology

  • Subject Teaching (Chinese)

  • International Chinese Education

  • Musicology

  • Dancology

Admission Requirements

Basic Requirements

  • Applicants must hold foreign passports, be friendly with China, have no criminal record and be in good health to meet the Ministry of Education's "Health Standards for Foreign Students in China" (If you fail to pass the physical examination after arriving at school, you will not be registered) ;

  • Applicants must have good moral character, obey the laws and regulations of China and the university, and respect Chinese customs;

  • Applicants should be at least 18 years old in principle, undergraduates under 35 years old, and postgraduates under 40 years old (age calculation shall be based on May 31, 2024);

  • Applicants should have good academic performance, proficient in English, Chinese or Russian;

Educational Background

  • For Non-degree Program and Bachelor’s Program, applicants must provide a high school diploma or above;

  • For Master's Program, applicants must have obtained bachelor degree or above;

  • For Doctoral Program, applicants must have obtained master degree or above;

Language Skills(for academic program)

Bachelor's Degree Programs

HSK certificate of level 4 with a score of 180 or above for Chinese-taught Bachelor's programs. For non-english speaking students who choose English-taught programs, lELTS 5.5/ TOEFL 70 or above are required, or the students should pass the English test organized by JSNU upon arriving.

Master's or Doctoral Degree Program

 HSK certificate level 5 with a score of 180 or above for Chinese taught programs; For non-english speaking students who choose English-taught programs, IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL 80 or above are required or the students should pass the English test organized by JSNU upon arriving. Native English speakers are exempt from any English tests. Preference will be given to those with superior grades.


Chinese Government Scholarship

University code: 10320

The Chinese Government Scholarship Program was established by the Ministry of Education of China to facilitate educational exchange agreements or understandings between the Chinese government, educational organizations, institutions, and relevant international organizations. This program provides full and partial scholarships to international students and scholars. The China Scholarship Council is responsible for administering the recruitment of international students and the routine management of the Chinese Government Scholarship Scheme.


1. Supporting Categories

Chinese Government Scholarship programs sponsor international students, teachers, and scholars to undertake degree studies (bachelor, master, and PhD) and Chinese language study or academic research in institutions of higher education in China.

2. Duration

The Chinese Government Scholarship covers both degree programs and Chinese language (preparatory) study. The table below illustrates the duration of each program.

Supporting Catagory

Major Study(Year)

Chinese language(preparatory study)(Year)

Duration of Scholarship(Year)

Undergraduate students




Master's students




Doctoral students




General scholars

up to 1

up to 1

up to 2

Senior scholars

up to 2

up to 1

up to 2

Coverage and Standard

1. Full scholarship covers

Tuition waiver

Tuition funds will be comprehensively used by the host university. It may cover scholarship students’ education, administration costs, and expenditures to support student activities.


The university will accommodate the scholarship students in a university dormitory (usually a double room).


Undergraduate students: CNY 2,500 per month;

Master’s students/general scholars: CNY 3,000 per month;

Doctoral students and senior scholars: CNY 3,500 per month.

Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from their host university each month. Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend for that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half-stipend for that month. Graduating students will receive a stipend until half a month after the graduation date. If a registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), their stipend will be stopped during their absence.


Admission Fees

  • 400RMB

Tuition Fees

Language Program

Chinese Program: 

  • 6,000RMB/semester;

  • Book Fee: 250 RMB/semester 

  • 12000 RMB/year;

  • Book Fee: 500 RMB/year

(Note:Chinese students who come to our school for the first time are eligible for a Chinese student scholarship (50% discount on tuition)


Single Room

  • 6000RMB/Year

Double Room

  • 3000RMB/Year

Quad Room

  • 1500RMB/Year

International Students Insurance

  • 400RMB/Semester

  • 800RMB/Year

Note: The charging standard will be adjusted according to price changes.

Payment Methods

Payment method: transfer (RMB only)

Refund Policy

  • International students who really need to apply for a refund due to special reasons shall first submit a written application to the college, which shall be approved by the college and submitted to the finance office for approval. Tuition fees and accommodation fees shall be refunded according to the following standards, and other fees shall not be refunded.

  • 50% of the fee will be refunded if students apply within two weeks (including two weeks) after the enrollment date.

  • The fee will not be refunded if students apply two weeks after school starts.

  • Short-term students whose duration of study is less than 4 weeks will get no refund after the admission notice and JW202 form are issued by the college.

Application Deadline

15 June


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